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The world is upside...and America is in distress.

A while back when all the "Same Sex" marriage fiasco was thrust upon us by the over riding strong-arm of the Liberal courts, I spoke my peace about being against it and got all sorts of push-back. I mentioned before that long ago, tickled ear policies of weak minded Christians not standing up for the convictions of their faith would see them "fall for anything". Well, lookie lookie what is coming down the pike you sleeping 'good' people who called me nuts, racist, and a sick bigot. I said that "Gay" marriage would bring things on its coat tails; enjoy the flack of realizing that nothing happens in a vacuum, and headlines don't just suddenly pop up; but individuals, groups and communities are working hard toward making certain things happen as you all turn a blind eye too; by not speaking against things, and not voting or allowing the cultural to rot. These things have been going on for years and people are only waiting in the wings for their seeds to bear fruit!!!

Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime

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