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SNOWEBEAR PRODUCTIONS is the Official site listing what I have published with Amazon and on the e-book Kindle.

Here is a List of some of the stories I am currently working on and wish to see get published:

CURE CRISIS  Coming Soon! My closest story to actual publication.

THE CATHARSIS MANUSCRIPT  [Vol. I]  (Fiction/ Epic Fantasy: Biblical-esk)
THE WATCHER'S BOOK OF BOOKS: Tales From The Nephilim Age  [Vol. II]  (Epic Fantasy)

THE COMPLEX: Anthology of short stories  (Fiction: Weird Tales about a neighborhood)
   The Lesson
   The Gazebo
   The Envelope
   Over Again
   Remember When
   The Key
   The New Old Boots
   The Spell Box

The Trendelenberg Effect (Sciecen Fiction: Time Travel, Murder mystery)

The Awakening (Serial Killer, Mental Health)

(Some of these I have shared variously on this blog)

We all have "stories" in us. Stories, histories, fears, hopes and drama simply because we breath.  Some of the deepest moments of my darkest depressions have been, when in my own thinking I was "the only one" feeling. The best way out of depression, for me, IS in raising my head and realizing I am where I am. Others are behind me and others are ahead of me. We are where WE are in our journey in this experience we call LIFE.


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