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KYON "Begins His Work"


AFTER the death of his father Nadan, Kyon stayed a year and a day with Nadan’s manservant as his guardian. In all that time Kyon spoke not a word. Even when pressed to do so the young man would stare in the speaker’s face till they would let him be. The day after his father had been dead for a complete year, Kyon spoke, saying, “I must be about my father’s business.”
   At this a stunned Janus asked, “Pray tell, and what work is that young master?”
   His quick reply was, “To prepare others to preform works worthy of being remembered. For too many live wasted lives and sorted pleasures without care. Illuva desired his children to be more than they have been.”
   “There is no one Higher than His calling in our lives.” Kyon spoke plainly of God.
Janus look astonished at the eleven year old boy’s depth of understanding that was beyond mere rote-memorization.

   The following mid-day Kyon spoke to Janus as an adult, “Gratitude beyond words dear Janus for your loyalty to my father in caring for me. Today I release you of that oath and restore your freedom to you.” Picking up a walking stick he added, “It begins.”  With that, Kyon the only son of Nadan lived on his own. Janus remained in the home of Nadan as Kyon gave it to him. The former servant told him it was forever his and that Kyon was always welcomed without so much as even a knock. Yet, Kyon declined the offer and never again set foot in the house.
   Kyon Omdan went to the Great Hall of Mithar and stood at the foot of its many steps. Silently he stood there without movement. People came and went about him with greetings and questions. He ignored them all and stood unmoved before its guards who watched him as well.
   At daybreak the snake locking gears of the great doors of the Hall opened. The High Priest Malladek began his chanting prayer stopping everyone who heard his call. The people turned and face the bay waters of Luhun in silent respect. Suddenly a voice called over the words of the priest.
   “Again you recite empty, meaningless verbiage from memory.” It was Kyon, the only son of the prophet Nadan whose words caught everyone’s attention. Malladek fell silent, even as the crowds turned in bewilderment to hear who dared to speak such things. Continuing, the boy spoke louder, “You lead these people daily like the blind before a dangerous cliff. Aimlessly they follow your every direction without a thought; minding only that you pretends lordship over them. You in truth are the Arrogant Ones and not those who faithfully left for a blessed hope, promised them ages before!
   “Arise from you slumbering ways you hard hearted leaders of a hard headed people and come to the truth my father gave you. Awake from your dull complacency oh Children of Nasil. No longer be beguiled by Mithar’s towered shadow!”

   “SILCENCE!” The High Priest Malladek commanded. “Your very father was once a priest after our order, and now you dare to speak slander against his name as well?”
   “Nadan Omdir followed Illuva, his service within that shadow,” he said this pointing to Varlendur itself, “never faltered from The Holy One! His was ever for a higher calling, and every point he contended with you and even Vethdema himself.”
   By now the astonished people began to gather about the steps of the Great Hall pondering the boy’s accusations. Seeing their questioning faces, the High Priest called for the guards to arrest Kyon, “Sentries do your duty and take him before the King!”
Yet, even as the two guards left their post before the door’s mighty columns, Kyon shouted with a raised hand, “Stay yourselves!” At Kyon’s command they stood where they were, locked in their steps unmoving.
   Malladek shouted, trying to incite the crowds in his favor, “See now how the boy uses Magick to stay these guards? Heed not his foolishness for there still reigns a mighty King over Mithar.”
   Without fear Kyon countered with, “So says the cleric of falsehood. Who woke you up to instruct with ever changing lies? How long oh people of the Bay of Luhun shall you allow yourselves to become weak servants to men instead of God in heaven alone?”
   The men standing nearby feared the priest and king for God was but in truth just an unseen terror used by those they could see. Therefore their bewilderment was easily turned to outrage as they rushed to seize the boy themselves. However, moments later their tangled arms came up empty for Kyon had eluded them all. Just as the guards came back to their senses they questioned the chaos before them.

   So this is how Kyon, the only son of Nadan began his adulthood and soon began to be called a prophet like his father.

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