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I Broke my neck and Can't get up!!!!

A co-worker of mine broke her neck and is paralyzed.
A Nurse (Joyce "Ann" Merrll); her Diabetic blood sugar dropped dangerously low causing her to pass out. She fainted hitting the floor in her home so hard that she broke her nose. Coming too she screamed and screamed and yelled for help til finally an upstairs neighbor heard her and called an ambulance; SIX HOURS LATER!!!
Number 3,4, 5 neck bones are severely fractured (Doctor said if #2 she would have died instantly); surgery in two weeks. She is paralyzed from the neck down. I visited with her for an hour and a half after work (2/10) last night; Denton Regional Medical Center 5th floor, ROOM #506. SHE COULD USE your concerns and a visit.
 "ANN" LOL is a 'loud mouth' speak from the honest hip 'country' 'Old School' kind of woman. I spent a long while just visiting her in the hospital last night. VERY much a sense of humor intact; scared sigh very much a believer though not the religious type. The doctor at first said, "Well, guess you'll never walk again; (then much later after test reviews said) "Hum maybe I'm wrong, think we'll have ya back on your feet after surgery in two weeks and rehab." SHE is hopeful. This event has brought together some very distant children of hers and I encouraged her to water that newly bonded relationship. I prayed with her while I was there and she was very grateful for my presence. It is very humbling to be an extremely independent sort and then to suddenly be totally dependent upon everyone.

 """I dont pray and Im not a believer!!""" Okay, BUT those who do and those who are are still ""encouraged"" strengthen and emotionally helped when we all show an interest (sometimes even in passing) that we as fellow humans display the compassion of even momentary sorrow of a person's plight. Never know when you will slip and fall in the restroom and wind up in the hospital wondering HOW DID I GET HERE??? I have way way too many people I know personally - that could use a prayerful extension of concern, even in a loving pass of thought.

I Will later make a Point of Contact page for Ann for any who would like to follow her progress and are able to donate any funds of assistance

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