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In the city of Linol there was a widow named Mena, a devout follower of the Goddess Yevanna. Mena devoutly burned incense in her temple daily, never forgetting to mention her husband who had been lost at sea.
One day as Mena was working in her garden a stranger happened to venture by. The stranger approached and said, "Woman, give me a bowl of soup made fresh from your garden, as The Creator
Illuva's servant asks and you shall be blessed beyond measure this very day."
The old woman said, "I do not even know your name, why must you so compel me to do such a thing? *sigh* Nonetheless, it shall be done." Straight away Mena gathered and prepared the meal. It proved to be the last of what she had in store.Without a spoken word that it was the last of her own food she smilingly offered it to the stranger at her table.

The young man ate his fill leaving nothing to remain behind, got up and turned to leave in silence. As he did so the woman called after him, "May Illuva richly bless you instead!"
With that the stranger turned back around and replied, "I am Kyon the only son of Nadan the Prophet. Behold, as I said before - here comes your reward beyond measure my dear Lady." Kyon Omdan then walked down the eastern road without passing any one.
Seeing nothing unusal occur Mena returned to cleaning up her kitchen after the stranger when shortly there came a knock at the door again.
Upon opening the door her eyes filled with tears and she burst into laughter jumping to embrace her husband who stood there.
A moment later he confessed an amazing tale. "I was lost at sea," He began, "for three weeks we drifted beyond the rim of the world. Many a day I feared sight of The Undying Lands, and ever was your name and face in my thoughts beloved wife.
"Washed finally ashore, shipwrecked near the Port of Kathos was I found and thought dead. I was taken in and nursed to health again by a couple much younger than I.
"For two weeks the merchant of Kathos gave me apprenticeship as a Copper-smith as I had no memory of who I was, but learned the craft quickly. Two months after I had been washed ashore, Japheth of Lindol ventured to that port city to buy his wares. In doing so he certainty recognized me of who I rightly was, and in that moment my true memory returned; as a flash of lightening in the night.
"Being fully restored, my love, have I returned begging your forgiveness of my long absence and thinking me perished in death. I pray also that you would return with me for there I have a house grander than this one, a shop of my own and food beyond measure!" His fine clothes and offering of a coin purse was proof enough of his tale unto her.
In reply she said through her tears, "Nolshek, all I have ever wanted was your safe return to my arms. Everything after that is a blessing in itself."


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