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NOTE: Family History

IV. John Thomas Price   md:  1889  Sarah Elizabeth Luker
b:  30 May 1862              b: 18 May 1872
pl: Lauderdale Co., Ms        

V. Mamie Elizabeth Price
     Mamie was a soft spoken, gentile woman remembered for her kindness.  She was detailed orientated in her house cleaning and stored everything in moth balls.  After her husband, DeLaine passed away in 1964 she later married a man named Leo Armstrong.   They had no children of their own.  After he passed, she lived alone.  Mamie lived north of Houston in The Woodlands near her daughter Sandra.  Mamie Armstrong developed Alzheimer’s disease, and for a time lived in an assisted living apartment until she passed away at the age of 88 years old.

VI. Linda Lucile Townsend
       Like her mother, Linda was a quiet spoken person, but had an outgoing personality.  After she married Bob Snow, the responsibility and pressures of motherhood gave rise to a depression she did not manage well; weight gain and alcoholism developed.  After an affair was revealed, Bob sought a divorce.  Linda’s drinking lead to drug addiction, and the loss of her two sons.  Tracy and David were taken by The State of Texas, and they were placed in the Buckner’s Home for Boys in Dallas.  Bob remarried, and legally gained full custody of his sons.
   Linda’s depression and drug abuse lead to a passion charge, and a 10 year prison sentence in Gatesville.  After her release, she attended Alcohol Anonyms meetings where she met Gerald Lee Thomas, who also struggled with issues.  The hit it off and were shortly married.  Linda went to trade school and successfully completed a Cosmetology license becoming a hair stylist for a time.  She was also able to reconnect with her two adult sons, and rebuild a relationship with them.
   Gerald and Linda Thomas never had children of their own.  They lived in Copperas Cove, Texas for several years, and later moved to Loogootee, Indiana where Gerald got a job “farming turkeys”.  Earlier years of IV drug abuse took its toll as Linda suffered the consequences of having Hepatics C.  She passed away from it worsening complications at the age of 58 years old.

VII. David DeLaine Snow[1]

[1] The Compiler, SEE: Snow Family lineage.

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