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The Great Hall

 In the seventeenth year following the Great Departure of elven kind from the Middle-Lands of earth; the dwarves ventured west.  In the west of the world of Eriduah the mountain dwellers of Mount Jebul and those left of elven descendants joined together to bond in a renewed friendship like unto the ancient days of old.   For seven days they talked, ate and shared of one another’s talents, gifts and hospitality.  Upon their leaving the dwarf Lord, Kwondol vowed to return and in a month’s time share a wondrous gift unto the elven children commemorating their renewed alliance.

   A month to the day Kwondol and his Masons returned to the elven port city of Mithar.  In four months they completed a grand structure that came to be called The Great Hall.   A domed house two hundred feet about and six stories high.  It was carved in the likeness of two hands with interlaced fingers; one elf and the other dwarf.  The thumbs were dropped away and tipped; the space in-between the thumbs and fingers were carved as leafed and woven vines.  Both thumbs were supported with spiraled columns.  A curved stair case lead up to the pillared thumb's porched way.  A solid oak, round door set in the middle.  Through the single entrance of the Great Hall's brief hallway one came to a lone chamber where three stagered row of seats lined the wall.  Three steps lead down to the center where the Elven star was inlaid in gold.  Along the domed walls were the Ax and sword Dwarven seal woven about vine; all inlaid with Mithrel silver.

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