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   THERE ARE SOME THINGS that are "just once in a life time" experiences; this was mine! I got my hat while on a TRIP in Columbia. We, John Velasquez and myself took a 700 step trek up the side of one of the World's largest rocks to a patio tower on top. After our descent I purchased this hat as a memento of the event and trip. No, it's not a Stetson. My hat is La Casadel Sombrero SASTOR 3xxx STEVENSON. I can't read it any more but I think it says SIZE 8 (?); It has tassels on back of rim, I didn't care for them at first, but came to like it for what it was. I love my hat and the memories it brings to mind of my grand adventures to another country.Because I had such a wonderful trip and John's neice, Natalia was my English guide I gifted her my favorite Indiana Jones fedora as a token of my deep appreciation; hence, also the reason for purchasing this one in return.
    While there I even saw some of the Guerrilla Rebels in Colombia. On the way to THE ROCK, El Penon we saw a band of Rebels pretending to be doing road construction. Our cab driver stopped and paid a "tax" as with passed by I saw all the rifles to the side on the way back they were not there; very very tense for awile there as they were looking in the cab and chattering away, I could tell even John was getting a bit concerned though he tired not showing it to me. I loved my trip and would go back in a heartbeat. The people were friendly and very respectful. Not only that but got to see some great ART, and visit the GRAVE of a Colombian Drug Lord.

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