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Family Histories Continue

Here's a picture of my family, taken about 1968. Tracy, Bobbie, Linda, 'DeDe'. I use to really hate being called "DeDe". Don't know why, really. A kid thing or maybe too many negative memories attached to it. Years later friends were allowed to call me 'Dave.' Many many years later, when I developed a relationship with my mother again; she called me 'DeDe' a couple of times, then later realized I responded better to David. So much water under the bridge now, uhm? But - Don't I look cute next to my mother?

The other day I finally called Elon Fay back on the phone. She was someone I re-met at dad's funeral. We talked for quiet awhile. She's a first cousin of my dads, and as kids they seem to have been close friends. I wrote her a rather long letter. It'll be neat to aquire more material for my writing of OUR HISTORY's NAME: An Abidgement of The Texas Snows, book.
Getting reaquainted with Elon will be interesting, because I know little to nothing of my grandmother's side of the family. Other than a few photographs and weak story lines; like, 'Oh yeah she's the one who had a garden and raised chickens' - kay?


  1. Hi David,
    I'm the one you responded to on Genealogy.com with the Snow ancestry. Looks like we are 9th cousins. I decided to check out your websites, very nice. I'm trying to get one together on google but it is very slow going. I find it hard to leave my research and get to the technical stuff. We have a little in common. I am also a cancer, also born in July 1963, the 3rd. We are also Wiccan. I was raised Protestant, husband Catholic. About 5 years ago we explored and embraced Wicca.

    We live in West Springfield, Mass, but I do have a first cousin who lives down in Big Spring.

    I also lost a parent this year, my Mom, on Feb 4th. I envy you, I haven't have a dream visit from her yet, but I know it will happen when the time is right. I suspect she is hanging around my Dad, who is trying to adjust after losing the love of his life after 61 years of marriage. He swears he has seen her sitting on their bed.
    I have access to many historical records up here in Mass. Let me know if you need any info. I am a member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and can checkout records online. Feel free to email me at

    Diane (Snow) Horrigan

  2. Diane Horrigan;
    Thank you very, very much. You did not have to go out of your way to write to me but you did and that means a great deal. Life is brief, no matter how long a life that is lived. We do not spend enough of our time weaving into our's lives other people, and telling them we apreciate and thank them for their presence in our own.
    Blessings to you on your journey and path .