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The Coming of a Slow NOVEL

I have actually forgotten how many years I have been working on my novel. Piddling more like it; obviously - since it remains no where near completion. I am redressing it, with photoshop pictures for the internet, in hopes that some readers may find it interesting. I am in constant need of encouragement, due to my insecure nature, I guess. Anyway. The story has undergone many title changes, the latest to be settled upon is: NEPHILIM FORBIDDEN.

The Nephilim are the central characters, and it only seems appropriate to keep their name in the header somewhere. The background setting for my novel is a blended cross between: Middle Earth, and the ancient Biblical World. The peoples are also a blend of Tolkien's work and Scripture, for both have influenced my personal thinking greatly.

My Nephilim are the Elves who remained behind in the Gray Havens of Middle Earth. They are the "Sons of God." Who, in their quest to repopulate and rule that ancient time, have fallen from their High Nobility. They have turned into greedy and lustful teachers of lesser men. With their appearance, in that pre-flood world, came an age of herindious chaos.

However, one of the desendants of the Nephilim, Feandar, learns of his true nature, and seeks to regain that nobility in his own personal life. He seemingly goes foolishly through life without a care. Such are the trials, and experiences of enduring life in an upside-down world filled with war, terrorist, pain and sorrow; sucide is only an easy course, and a hollow loss. Time and again various lessons are learned, til one day the maturity of finding true love awakens in him the desire to live, reguardless of the coming rains. Just as, in real life it seems, when we realize "what it's all about" we reach our ending years of mortal life. So too is it with Feandar, and the coming of the Flood.


  1. That is certainly an interesting twist to mix Tolkien's middle earth with the Nephilim of the bible. Sounds like something I would like to read. Keep plugging at that novel.

  2. What lit a fire under you, my friend? I'm glad to see you stretching your creative legs with your novel again. Maybe your creative burst will inspire me to drag mine out, dust it off and struggle with it some more. I can't wait to see what you are writing.

  3. Its a good read and I agree a good twist to Tolkiens middle earth.

    I like to do a bit of creative writing too but never seem to get beyond the first few chapters before I give up! At the moment I am supposed to be writing that essay thats due on the 24th so I better pop off and get to it eh.

    Great job though keep writing more Im definately interested.