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Some Fellow Bloggers.....

Like setting back for an hour or so watching TV, I get a kick out of surfing the web via NEXT BLOG, you come across some rather interesting people in the world...

The Bear in New Jersey has a political slant going on and some great links to check. LynnCorney of Chaple Hill, NC. also has some really neat stuff to share; something about her writing makes ya want to tune in. Heidi Granada of Barcelona, Spain has some beautiful pictures; makes me want to be a world traveler for such. Steve in Austin, Texas has a good site, neat format; I like the picture of the baby with the ram horns! I like Lucy Quintanilla of Neptune, New Jersey's format; good flavor of the area, I'd like to see more pics though- makes me want to write more. Wendy C. of Arlington, Texas has a really nice "In-the-Life-of" blog going on. Dave, in Michigan has some neat tech items, and very sharp photos - I like the Sand Castle.


  1. Hi FalconMyst,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind comments. You're one of the few people who commented on the layout of my blog. It took me a LOT of experimenting to get it to the point where I really liked the layout and appearance.

    Your idea of combining the images of the authors of the blogs you visited today was really cool.

    Take care!

  2. Hi, ditto Dave's remarks, that imaging is really cool and thanks for the nice comment. I look forward to reading more of your blog :)

  3. They like you! They really like you! You're such a popular guy. How do you do it? I guess if I wasn't such an insufferable ass I might rate comments from somebody other than my one die-hard fan... Cough, cough...

  4. Instead of the next blog button, I like to go to blogs commentors pages, then their commentors pages. Also I like following tags backwards.

  5. Hey FalconMyst,
    Thank you for the link Hope you enjoyed my little rant I hope nothing I said offended you. It was all just in fun. I'm really not as hard core as I sound.

    The Bear..

  6. http://tiedyedbrainrays.blogspot.com/2006/04/spring-cleaning.html

    See what you started?