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Savannah's A Year Old

Actually, Savannah Alise Garza's birthdate was April 14; we just celebrated it a little later. Just our family - mostly for us anywho. We took several pictures, but guess they'll have to wait as well; my digital is out. A year has already gone by, and another DUE date comes in August, with Elizabeth's second child; which I'm saying will be a boy, though they've not sexed it yet. With tight finaces and all it would be far better for them to have another girl; sisters, mixed means another bedroom and male clothes. Least with another girl there'd be hand-me-downs. But I said it'll be a boy.

A grandson. Neat.

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  1. Magic 8 Ball says "penis" eh, Grandpa?

    Boy, it sure doesn't seem like a year has gone by.