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I have visited several Blog sites, and have come across those with many comments; it's nice to see that I've finally wiriten one which has earned many responces. The subject of Immigration Reform here in America raises many sideline topics, and has been faced many times before in our country's history, and I bet will be brought up again in the future. An ever changing Country of Immigrants, like the U.S., endures these growing pangs - that enable it to be strengthened to meet far greater challenges. We are facing another phase in our national experience, just as many before us endured; however, we need to keep in mind that this too shall pass, and that the steps we make today will be followed by those who come after us. As much as I frustratingly think that our Leaders do not listen, I have also come to believe that they are a reflection of who we really are as individuals; we have grown arrogant, self centered, and misguided - the immigrant issuse has only awaken us to the fact that our journey is on going. We are just one small country among the community on this globe, taking care of the community and the globe is obviously something we've neglected on both accounts.

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  1. I hate to sound like a cynic or an America basher, especially when I have been waving the flag so hard over immigration reform, but things aren't always as they seem. While Americans as individuals profess belief in human rights and the notion of democracy, our government rarely takes action based on such high-minded principles. Although they justify foreign policy actions with talk of truth, justice and the American way, tanks roll and planes fly for less noble, more pragmatic reasons-- American economic interests.

    If this were not the case then we would be trying to bring those noble ideals to the Sudan, the Congo or any number of other places in the world where people are oppressed, impoverished and under the realm of tyrants. You want democracy? Sure, we'll bring you some as soon as you come up with something we need.

    Sadly, most Americans are blinded by their own sincere patriotism. They swallow the jingoistic rhetoric fed to them by politicians more interested in protecting the profits of their corporate contributors than the American people, and feel that to question our actions abroad is to be disloyal or show a lack of support for the war on terror. Shouldn't we be able to question our foreign policy without being branded as traitors?

    I am not some flower-waving liberal because I dissagree about our strategic aims. Nor am I some hardhat wearing hawk who wants to blow the "rag-heads" up. I would love to peacefully coexist with everyone-- let them run their own affairs and let us tend to ours. I don't think we have the right or the responsibility to police the world. But there are forces in the world who sincerely want to kill us all-- and they must be addressed, like it or not. Shouldn't we at least have the wisdom to discern the most serious threats and to choose our battles?

    Every day we choose to deplete our strategic resources in the sausage grinder of Iraq. Every day Iran gets closer to having a Nuclear weapon.