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My grandaughter, Savannah just turned a year old, (April 14, 2006). Seems the highlight of the party for her was diving into her Cake! Though she enjoyed the clean up bath afterwards as well; she's begun babbling-talk, and is a constant joy to be around. The rocking horse; whose pinched ears activates its singing feature, was not her favorite party gift - it scared her. The drums, and other toys were a hit. I don't know who got a bigger kick out of the party, her or the family.

The "Moon Phase" pictures of her life, is something I am determind to keep up with as she grows older. For, seldom do pictures like these seem to surrive the passing years of our own lives. Few of us have such memories of our own early years. I am the Historian in our family, and this is just another aspect of keeping a record of our events.


  1. Happy birthday do your Granddaughter!
    I was reading this post and started hearing music. I got up and went outside to see where it was coming from!

  2. What a cutie! Gee Grandpa, I bet you are an old softy. Got you wrapped around her little finger already has she? I can't believe it has already been a year. Time flies when you get old, eh, gramps? (I'm turning 93 next Tuesday... It isn't my birthday, but I figured, why wait?)

  3. What is that beautiful piece of music you have playing? I love it!

  4. She's just gorgeous! I bet she is like my little angel and has her grandpa wraped around her little finger! LOL this is a good thing ...

  5. aww savana is soooooo cute .and that music comes from final fantasy 7 (them for arise)