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Dungeons & Dragons

My brother-in-law, Michael Smith, and I are Co-"Dungeon Masters",(Dungeons and Dragons). We GUIDE the Characters of players in a roleplaying game. Those interested or invested in their own Worlds can check out our Online Notes.

I have been quiet busy designing the City of Calah, Captial of the Empire. So far the city map is taking up 36 pages (aprox. 4'x5'), worth of details. I enjoy using some of my artistic abilities in drawing the maps, and crafting various props for our Campaign's game play; which enhances the imagination and realism for the players. We're homey kind of folks so this is about it on the Social Scale for us.


  1. ...and charter members of the "Hat Squad," I see. Must give props for a pair of stylin' brims from a fellow fedoraphile.

    Unfortunately, my mother still forbids me to play D&D with you.

  2. I like the ribboned brim your sporting here.

    Well - you just take your dice and go home then!
    Can we still play Blog tag?

  3. TAG! You're it.

    (And, Yes Samwise, I realize you would have been manning the wet-vac if you had been here. Thanks, old friend.)

  4. You hav been doing a great job and We all apreseate it. You and Mike have made the games really interesting and fun to do. Your work and art you have put in is wonderful....Keep up the great job

  5. YEAH! Thanks for the Comment dear, thrills me you came!