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Beating down upon our heads
the last rays till we're dead
the Sun burns bright then out
all our lives lived with shouts;Live and LearnDie and Forget it all...
laughter and love
pain or sorrow
all pleasures or defeat
beneath that Orb's glow
neath blue or thunderous clouds
life is what it is
something to be experienced...


  1. You 'found' and commented on my site: I thought I would return the favor. Your words are like poetry. ( why do you suggest I use the word verification? )

  2. Did you take this picture? Where was it at?

  3. I wish I had the type of camera that could have taken this picture; however, nah, I swiped it from another sight.

  4. Our lives are like a mist. Here and then gone in the sun's light. Those words and that pic. They say it all. Beautiful choice.

    BTW I saw you linked me in your guest section and I linked you back by your blog name in the why not electrify your mind section as Falconmyst.