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Bob Snow 1941-2008

On July the 28th, 1941 Elmo and Drucilla Snow welcomed the birth of their first born son, Bobbie Lee Snow into their small Comanche, Texas home. Their later arrivals, were two daughters, Yvonne and Virginia Marie; and later still, they were followed by another son, Richard Elmo.

Yet, it was the freckled faced, red head turned white - "Bob"; who is the individual that has drawn us all together here today. Bob Snow was the great-grand father of Savannah, and Jamison Garza, the grandfather of Elizabeth Rebecca, and the father of two sons: Tracy Lee Snow and David DeLane Snow.

After many personal struggles, and a losing battle with emphysema, and heart problems, my dad passed-away from this life unto the next, on April 2nd 2008. Humorously, one of the last things my dad said to me during his final hospital stay was, "Son, a lot of people talk about going home to be with Jesus; well, I've got a few things to chat with him about too. I'll be fine son, just take care of your family."

My father was the type of man, that - really at any point during his life, you would automatically realize as one who took things seriously. A no nonsense kind of guy, who preferred getting down to the business at hand. He was a perfectionist; sometimes to a fault. I remember a motto he lived by, and continuously drove home to me, by how he conducted himself in public: "If you don't have time to do things right the first time, then when will you?" Which, was just his way of saying - "Son, be the best man you can possibly be, at all times."

He was a devout and loyal friend, to any who claimed him as such. He fiercely believed in God; and earnestly sought the presence of deity in his daily experience. My dad was a fly fisherman, an artist, a metal worker, a pizza maker, an engraver, certainly not least - a beloved school-bus driver; but above and beyond all else - he was a man of integrity. Though I am not my father, I am no less proud to announce, that I am one of the sons of Bobbie Lee Snow. I love you dad, and we'll miss you greatly - thank you for being a part of all our lives.


  1. Still thinking of you guys and sending love and light. We are holding you all in continual prayer. Please let us know if you need anything.

  2. I'm sorry for you loss sweets...I know it can be difficult to deal with at times...My thoughts are with you...

    Brightest of Blessings,
    In Love and Light,