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   The rituals are what saved us.  They created our new era society.  By way of ritual were the outsiders made insiders, and was trust gained.  Each one who came to be a part of the city had to learn why we stayed and the growing experiences along the way became mile markers for who we became.  The tradition of storytelling, re-enacting and imbuing items with worth that became sacred relics did become our way.  We lost all we had in the people who left us.  In staying behind we grew to understand the meaning of acceptance by moving forward from our grief, which became our new hope. 

   These new traditions became shrouded in story telling routine, and its repetition a tradition unto itself.  The rituals we insisted others to learn created bonds of unbreakable loyalties; for all past traditions and ties were forsaken for our ways alone.  Through ritual, and the progressive levels of upward growth was the newcomer brought under the leadership of the King.  In this manner the nearly abandoned grey havens swelled to become an educated and well-fortified city.  Mithar leaded among its neighbors of desert Bedouins, poor hamlets and fishing villages.

   The inner workings of Mithar’s Grey Tower were widely known secrets which no one knew, for they had to be experienced and its written text were allusions unto itself decoded in person.  By then, the learner had become a “spiritual-slave” and a productive member of the new society of believers.  Mitharians are free servants unto the King and against the Rituals one would never betray.  The secret of the rituals is that there is no secret.  The rituals made you a Mitharian; its religion was its society, and it a theocracy unto God above who ruled from below.  As above so below; by way of ritual alone was one made whole. 


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