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Stories From Work: The Floor Mat

   One evening, during Shift Change, I had just assisted an Individual to bed. He was lying beneath the covers giggling and laughing for about 10 minutes. I was giving a hand-off report of the day to the incoming Home Team Leader and was continuing to do so as we both entered the laughing man's bedroom. He was still giggling beneath his covers. As we both stood there beside his bed I informed her that he had been good all day. She bent over to reset the floor mat alarm. At just the moment she stood back up the laughing man came out from under his covers shocked to see her suddenly standing in front of him.  He rose up out of bed, and nearly began climbing the walls with a horrified expression.  Whaling and screaming as loud as possible.

  We stood there just as stunned that we had scared him; and suddenly all three of us burst into laughter.


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