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 can break and need a greater strength.

 (feeling very stressed, and sad). Lady Snow just called me, as I am at work. My pet ferret, Rosie... Passed away. 

When I get off, at 6AM I have to burry her. Losing a pet, especially after four years is difficult to process and deal with at this moment, when I can't do anything about it, (not like I could bring her back to life if I were home). 

Why do I allow myself to be so emotional? *sigh*

I love my fur-people I hate when they die....

This is my ferret, Samwise, his mate Rosie passed away today. We've been their pets for over five years and am heartbroken that her health condition developed a tumor we could not cure. I praise The Lord for allowing me to know the joys of caring for theses wonderful people, wish I was a better caregiver. Love and miss you Rosie Cotton Snow.

I have to bury my sweet Rosie girl tomorrow. Feel so sad for Sam, (and us).

Good bye Rosie, you were most loved.


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