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Making of the S'sainen

My work schedule changes back to "Patterns" come September 1st. What that means is, instead of working weekends, I will actually be able to have a weekend or two off; 3days on 1 off, 4days on and 2 off, and one weekend a month off.

Being a DM (Dungeon Master), or Game monitor is a lot more intense than I originally knew, I love it. A more experienced player has joined Our-Campaign, he's pertty impress from the onset with all the Props, maps, and web pages that I've designed to enhance our game. With a change in work schedule I wont have all that weekly time like I had before so I'm doing alot now.

In the World of THAY we have Avatars called "The S'sainen" who head a Secret Council geared toward ridding he world of its Evil. Here is a "Making Of" video I pieced together. Notice Tehuti?

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