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Tiny Minds

When human arrogance begins to rub me the wrong way, to the point of frustration, I just think of how tiny we really are in the grand scheme of things and laugh - at myself and others. I do not believe that we are the ONLY life in the entire Universe; though I belive in Aliens and love a good science-fiction story, I don't quiet buy into the Visitation or abduction bit though. To me, that's a bit of the 'ol arrogance, or wishful thinking coming out again.

We no longer play 8-Tracks, or listen to transitor radios, so what makes us think that Vulcans are out there just waiting for our phone call? And if and when ET comes, what makes us think he will be cute and manageable?

We have enough problems here, and have left plently of our junk on the moon; what makes anyone honestly believe that ET (a race advanced enough to get here), would want to, knowing what we are really like? But seriously, it's a bigger Universe than we think, and so far this planet looks to be the only place we'll ever call home, least for quiet a long time to come. So, when are we going to start caring for it and each other? - Or wait, let me go and support the Troops...

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  1. Exactly, nicely said. :-)

    I just got done with a book you might enjoy, Graham Hancock's 'Supernatural" all about cave art, and hallucinogens and how religion began. Lots of talk in there about aliens, and what they might or might not be, and our experiences interacting with them down through the ages. Interesting stuff.. Humbling, too. We are so very small a part of all this, really, aren't we?