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Omega Capsule

The idea of Time Capsules have been around for quiet awhile; and for their creators, hopefully forever. Even The Omega Tau hopes to see the human race reconstitution from future failures, due to the successes of its capitulated "living" memories.

I went out and purchased a
Fire & Water proof Safe, not so much to preserve the whole of human knowledge, but to pass on to the small circle of individuals in my family and friends; my own personal interests and requests: A prepaid funeral plan, Will & Last Testament, Personal Letters of Secrets revealed - though not quiet a National Treasure - just some of my own memories and thoughts.

Mortality creeps up on us all, by the slow steps of the daily grind at work, and the rut of home life's mundaneness; yet none of our individual lives are exactly alike. There in lies the drama we each seek from one another - to be remembered as someone special, someone interesting, someone not to be forgotten. More than Wills and Time Capsules the manner in which we live should be worthy of memory by the virtue our examples we passed on; through our circle of friends, grand-children, and to community of neighbors. What is your legacy of hope?

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