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Just Me striving to be mindful...

   Everyday we re-invent our ourselves by continuing to add yet another layer of experiences to our lives.  It has always fascinated me how we do this. So many of us think our mundane boring little lives mean so little, and yet we actually are woven into each others lives more than we give thought. To go shopping or drive on the freeway, work or attend Worship services "is" to touch the lives of others. Sitting in a crowded theater full of strangers and collectively experience brief moments in another world and then later as a cultural express our thoughts in review is a way of weaving your life among others.
   I am not perfect and please do not misunderstand my striving toward a standard I know in this incarnation I will never obtain to be perfection  however, should we not at least work at being better than we were yesterday - I think so.
   Do not sell yourself short on the power you have; I did that for far too long. Even the smallest of acts can become an example in someone else's conversation tomorrow. The adult actions influence the youth around you; even in line at the grocery store you frequent. So - always be mindful of your walk in life; someone's watching.

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