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TWB:  Shimzabar 2 

  It was during the period of constructing the Four Great Houses about the base of the Tower of Mithar that Shimzabar, the adoptive son of Leumas began to grow in understanding.  He became more than just just another face in the crowd but one above them.  For he began to show prominence in his questions and more so in his answering of them.  Very astute and growing wiser for his age, taking in everything he was instructed.
   When The Houses were completed he was the first to have completed his training in them even before they were raised. So much was his maturity that his own submitted lessons became the text of study for the peers that followed him. Highly praised and impressed with Shimzabar that the Watcher's Council made him the first non-Elven instructor.  So motivated was Shimzabar to safeguard those schools of thought that it was he who devised ways in keeping the knowledge within the realm of the Founder's hands.
   Shimzabar ritualized some of the tales from the Watcher's writings as lesson objects to be memorized, and only in doing so were students allowed to advance.  As each level was obtained they were awarded a diamond tattoo on the right hand. Handless thieves were never accepted! Thus became the mark of the "Servants of the Path."  Also at this time did the Watcher, Lord Vethema require the second degree to become apprenticed under a master crafts trade.  In assuring the learning of a trade was woven into the lesson plans everyone came under the growing authority of The Watcher's of Mithar.  If the eager student failed to keep up neither was he allowed beyond the city walls again to complete his skills training or learn the ever changing passwords of entry.  Therefore in doing this the Watchers regained prominence over the city that had no standing army against the flooding of the Nasil. For many of the Bedouins desired to forsake their tent living in favor of the neglected Elven homes after the Great Departue. 
   In teaching and accepting the lesser men into their fold in this manner the remaining elves grew in power of the city that was rightfully theirs to begin with. Through the likes of Vethdema and Shimzabar the city of Mithar quickly grew in wealth and prominence not just with its overland trading partners but by shipping lanes as well.

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