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  These were the two men that I was 'named after.  John "DAVID" Snow was my dad's grandfather, and "DeLaine" D. Townsend was my mother's father.  Hence "David" "DeLane" SNOW, (my historic surname).

    John David was called "J.D." but most of the time he just went by Dave. Having grown up in a less populated area than by today's standards; he lived among the Native American Indians, gained a lot of respect and experience.  He was remembered for his humorous stories and strength of character.  He was such an excellent land surveyor that he could walk off a parcel of land, and after and more accurate measurements were taken he would be right on point!  During the 1930's his family and extended in-laws lived in tents, and roamed about the Texas, New Mexico area.

   DeLaine had only the letter "D" for a middle initial, "D" did not stand for anything, at least known to anyone.  He was called by the nickname -- "D".   DeLaine was known to be a very kind, intelligent man who could be a fierce and loyal friend.  While living in Irving, Texas during the 1950's he was employed as an Inspector for Bell Aircraft Corporation.  Highly skilled and a mathematician.  His favorite drink was Vodka.

   When I was a child I was called "D. D." (Dee Dee), in reference to DeLaine's namesake.  But since it was a "childhood thing" and (at the time I could never place the emotional negativeness I felt), I came to abhor being called by it.  So much was my dislike of the nickname that I would burst out in aggressive behaviors to anyone who called me it. To this day no one is allowed to call me that as I refuse to respond.  There were so many 'Davids' at work that I started having people address me by my other name.  Yet, my co-workers (for some reason) can never seem to pronounce my middle name correctly; sounding with an extra "e" at the end.  So I dropped the letter "i".


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