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ABOUT OUR Car situation

 A while back in July of 2016 my Bank account debit card was hacked with some guy down in Mexico racking up about $6,000.oo worth of charges and the Bank realizing that surely it was not us put a stop to it.  Along with all of the "stop-charges" was to State Farm Bank the lean holder on our car. So we just started paying on the car with old fashion checks instead of the digital withdrawal.  As things went on somehow or other we fell behind on some things, and one of those items was about two car payments. 
   With the 2016 TAX INCOME Returns, we were able to get caught up on our funds that were in the red. So Lady Snow goes ahead and tells the "old car" lean holder to go ahead and withdraw their due from the account before we fall any more behind. Lo and Behold - forgetting about the "stop-payment" hold there is a "non-sufficient funds" overdraft charge.
   This past Monday I got ready to go to work like any other day and the handicap parking space is empty with only the distinctive circular marks only a horrid tow-truck could have left behind! My car was missing.  An imploding, gut wrenching feeling came over me.  "Was my car stolen?" After much questioning and investigation I finally called the Police and sure enough, the informed me that indeed my vehicle had been - Repocessed.

   We had the funds.  We had made the payment.  But time and situations and confusion we had also forgotten to lift the "stop-payment" Order, and now accrued an additional $545.78 of additional debt of which we were certainly unable to deal with.  My daughter was more than willing but after circling the camp of out of the box thinking no matter how much she wanted to help things fell through.  We lost our car, sustained a "bad Credit" rating and panic and fear set in.  Answered prayers and clearer thinking lead us to another dealership and we gained a new car with a little lower insurance rates and I got to keep my job. Beginning, middle, and end - God is always good and we still learn lessons. 
2007 HONDA Civic 2-Door Sportscar


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