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  1. It looks very professional David. You wrote all those books?

    I've taken a keen interest in the nephilim recently. Most of my life I believed that they were forever banned by God from materializing as men again after the flood. I have seen some evidence recently that makes me believe that my thinking on this may have been wrong. My fiction reading days are probably over, but if your book on the subject is a work of non-fiction research, I might be interested. Is it available anywhere?

  2. Thank you for your comments. I am a new writer. My "Nephilim" story is a Fantasy. I take the position that the Nephilim were the righteous Sons of God, the sons of Seth. "Nephl" means FALLEN and that the fell when then married into the un-godly line of Cain. I am a fan of Tolkien's work. My story has the Elves remaining in Middle-earth after LORD OF THE RINGS, and intermarrying with "the daughters of men" and devising a cultic society. My fantasy book is not available for publication as of yet.