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The Meeting of Fayendar and Enava

In the stream that watered nearby
   the cool spring, which flowed,
   watering the Crafter's Village 

The dark maiden came to bathe alone
   dancing and singing with chanted voice
   laughter of strange words.

She came forth of that village
   from Uruk did she come
   to wet her feet in the running cool.

She sang aloud with undisturbed joy
   a sweet song of glad reunions,
   alone she sang to herself.

Under the spell of the pale moonlight
   the candle stars which burned true,
   shining beneath the sky above.

I came beyond the Greenleaves a hill
   from the woodland’s crest I came,
   watching amid the shadow’s breeze.

I silently gazed, unseen by her eyes
   as in prancing manner of clapping hands,
   she danced and played before me.

What manner of beauty was this I beheld;
   with crimson lips which flowered in song,
   dark flowing hair on such tender brow?

Alone did she bathe with body so bare
   of firm legs standing undressed,
   washing high breast in the silver moonlight.

I breathed in a tongue unknown to her
   softly recanting her words back aloud,
   my silent voice she heard upon the wind.

The trees moved with the warm breeze
   then that maiden’s song fell still,
   for the branches swayed her to silence.

The wind sang my song to her,
   like some unknown bird in flight of joy
   whose wing the silence then did break.

For fear she dared not move, though enchanted
   that her own song was heard in love;
   she wondered of that beyond the shadows.

Disreguarding all that lay about those trees
   forgetting her nakedness she stayed
   as in awe before me she now stood.

Likewaise did I before her stand still
   caring not for the hidden trunk of bark
   only the beauty of her smiling grace behold.

Face to face in greeting embrace
   as enchanted soul-mates now known to be
   on that our first summer’s CandleEve.

[For Alice Irene 1983]


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