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   Mitharians called the Skin Tradition Barbaric.
The Tribal head leads out in the recital at the Gathering.  The #1 begins reading “the portion” on his left arm and then the rest #2,3,4,5,6,7,8.; follow, then in unison, they all say THE SENTENCE on their left arm.
*“Gather yourselves //together to recite//the words of//your kin that//they may not//be lost like the//books of the other//people about you.”
[yaher jannaja//ahera che logros//mal logra utd//jana jaja oj//kana al bana//am ull jal mal//loggah mutd kene//jama hera jan]=(Nasil in image above)
“Do not forget the gathering of yourselves.”
*Only “a portion” of
   Each tribe had a tattoo artist.  The artist was trained as a Tanner.
   The oral tradition was told to the “elves” Watcher Nolmithlon, and it was alright for him to write this interview down in their script.  The oral tradition of the NASIL was The History of The Judges and the Chronicles of the Skin.  The people of the desert called themselves THE NASIL, meaning “The Remembered”.  From their earliest of days, they marked their skin with ink.  The Nasil tattooed ink with a mallet and quill the names and history of their tribal fathers.  In the time it became the custom to “save” this skin art.  In each tribe, there was such an Artist, and he alone was it ascribed to the task of its removal as a Tanner.  The dead of the Nasil were buried in the earth or covered with stones on hidden in caves.  Those who had “their stories removed” were cremated afterward and their ashes were scattered “enchanted the land as holy”. 
   The Tanner-Artist kept all of these skins and sewed them together in a scroll fashion.  At the time of Gathering #1 handed the “Skins” over to the #2 next Tanner to keep for a year and rotated through the other tribes.  These Tribal Tanners were the collective historians of the Nasilian people.  This was the only example of their language.
////////////////………………THE SKIN……..//////////////////
*Symbol* Shadol Skull
   It was the seventh Shadol who gave the pouched skin of the first Judge to be added to this Tanner Scroll
. . . After his father, Bada`ul died his son Sha`dul took his skin.  The marked skin of his back was inked with the names of his fathers.
   Sha`dul was the first to keep the skin of his father.  He tanned it like animal hide and told his son Shedo`ul to do the same of his family.
   Shedo`ul took only the marked skin of lore and those before him did sew as one together, and then their bodies burned.
     THE Firstborn son had prominence.  Yet, it was the youngest son, if he had no male heirs that his line was ended.  If brothers had no male offspring it was their skin that was taken for them to be remembered.  The Tanner Scribe of “Skin Smith” was the Keeper.
   Tanners were the first person notified of an individual’s death so they could “read the body”. Tanner (Shaman/Priest/Historian)
THE LAST JUDGE:  The Nasil were forced to destroy their most holy relic.  It ended the cultural tradition of keeping their history in the tattooed skin fashion by by the third generation the Nasil were gone.


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