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VIDEO: My Grand-Daughter

I'm so proud of my daughter, Elizabeth and my new son-in-law, James; struggle as they do, they are doing very well with Savannah. In a few months, another one will be on the way. Playing around with the Windows Movie Maker, and my little digital camera; here's


  1. Sorry, Mark I deleted your comment by accident; YEAH the YOU Tube thingy is kinda neat. If you have a few video clips you can Broadcast Yourself - VLOGing is old hat now - now that I can do it!

  2. Very cute! Can't tell that you're proud or anything...

    I dig the jazz too. Good job!

  3. Ah yah man I've very proud of my Cutie. I re-did the video just a bit; changed date to 2005, and redid Music Score.