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Ready for SEX?

You know, my daughter is grown, with two children of her own, but it makes my skin crawl to think of where we as a nation are heading. Can you imagine your daughter or grand-daughter, at - say the age of 11 or 12 in Middle School, receiving birth control and you not even given the opportunity to be made aware of the fact? Well, call me a conservative or worse, small minded and still in the 20th Century, but I want to at least pretend that I still have some "rights" in American. Most importantly, I want to have the Right to raise my own child as I see fit and be aware of what effects them. I didn't really didn't thinkO'Reilly was that crazy!


  1. I heard about that. I think TV is doing it.
    When I was a kid, I was jealous because I though the other kids knew about sex and I didn't-and they wouldn't tell me (probably because they didn't know). Now with TV and the internet, it is everywhere.

  2. I have to agree with them giving kids birth control I'm afraid, having grown up as a girl that had a difficult adolescence. I know, 11 or 12 is so young, I hear you, but I do know people who have had kids WAY young like that. My cousins' best friend in school got pregnant at 14, and she's a year older than I am, and already a grandmother!! I'm 35!!

    I DO think 11 is a bit young, but maybe 13, 14 or so is OK.
    I do think they have to be very careful what message they give out with the birth control though!!

  3. we have lost so much... we are lost, deluded, ignorant, selfish, shallow, greedy, trivial...

    the story of this species does not have a happy ending

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