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Good Bye Sherry Perry!!!

My supervisor  Sherry Perry retired today; feels like the end of an era.  She had quiet a following because not only did many of us witness her grow into her position but become someone we ourselves could emulate.  Honest, fair and consistent even in the face of many odds pressing on her she always stood in the gap for those about her, and "under" her. We'll miss you Sherry. Wishing you all the Best!!!  I drew this going away retirement poster for her and gave many the opportunity to sign their comments as well.
Me and Sherry

Farewell "We love and only with you the best" Sherry!

The names in gray were some former employees...

"You know you've worked at the State School too long when..."
"...words like: "Home," "Pulled," and "Individuals" remind you of work."
"...when you tell your children they are getting a memo for not cleaning their room."
"...when you come out of the restroom looking for the BM book."
"...when you order THICK-IT with your drinks."
"...when you call your family vacation an "excursion".
(To list just a few funnies...)

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