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As horrifically amazing the sacrificial death of Jesus was on our behalf; making an atonement for a price I could never pay, it was actually the Resurrection which created believers. Faith that it occurred, hope we can have the same and the promise that one day "the dead in Christ" shall be awarded the same. Yes the neo-pagans today love to share that the ancient pagans of his day also wove beliefs of such things as well, all predating him. Yet, even in those aspirations of foreshadowing desires Christ wiped away the shadows of vague mythical versions to outdo them all with the manifestation of a once and future KING over Death and the fear, and penalty of its sting for us all. It was HIS resurrection alone that validates all the hope and foreshadowing of his own words and deeds. Say what you want, believe what you want. ONLY the NAME of Jesus  passes all understanding, promises, hopes and faith. Being ""forgiven"" does not make us better, perfect, more anything higher than others. The children of the KING are just held to higher standards and fall harder when the sin like the rest. He is judgmental over his own; we only wish to share his forgiveness, love and peace. If I am judgmental or harsh on anyone, I am the worst of you all - for I know better and yet sin. I only ask you forgive me when I fall short of the standards I know I should strive to be like.

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