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A Page From History...

THIS IS JUST a portion from the Abridged version of THE TEXAS SNOWS I am working on:

"...Alice was named after her great grandmother, (Selena Cora "Alice" Farmer), and after her grandmother, on her father’s side, Irene.  Alice Smith went to Oak Park Elementary, Driscoll Junior High, and graduated Roy Miller High School in 1980.  Alice was proud to be a stay at home mom, and held no real interest in furthering her educational studies.
  Her only aspiration was to be a housewife and mother.  Like her own mother, she too worked in the child care field, and her local Baptist church nursery. She was a shy and quiet person who liked owning a variety of pets: dogs, (mainly poodles), cats, hamsters, birds, rabbits, fish, and ferrets.
   Alice Snow suffered a heart attack and underwent a quad-bypass in November of 2007, only later to be paralyzed by a major stroke after carotid artery surgery a year later in 2008.  Though able to get around with limited mobility, she uses a cane or wheelchair, and refuses to be home bound; showing much courage in striving to regain her former condition.

   David and Alice Snow were the parents of one daughter:

     Elizabeth “Liz” Rebecca Snow..."

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