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These are harsh words to myself.  Probably shocking to those who tend to know me best. They were for me at least as I scribbled them down before I re-wrote them here.  I sketched out the years of my life, and the "time-travel" of it all. Seems my Time has arrived to "step-up". All the brooding thoughts have simmered long enough. Looking over my life, and placing tick marks on a page, adding all the years up and in the grand scheme of things; interesting. 
   Having no idea the number, nor the quality of years remaining - dawn has come.  Seems there may be more years behind me than what lay ahead.  Yet it is that very fact of not knowing either that lends itself to hope and optimism. An anticipation of what lies ahead and of what can only be touted as "achievements" to come.
   Goals? I have a few. What? Shall I "risk" placing them here in full view? Why not? If I fail (though I vowed that is no option), none have cared to ridicule me for those past failed goals more than myself.  Maybe in the sharing some fair amount of encouragement (I will take it or leave it for again, I have determined to do this thing); or good sprinkling of inspiration may befall others afraid to fly as I too often had been.
  I chose to be optimistic, hopeful and eager in what is yet to unfold in the three goals I now set before myself, namely:

(1) Complete a Leadership Training Camp Course at work.
(2) Seek a promotion from that fruit, as an Orientation Instructor.
(3) Publish my first novel.

For me these are high goals to be achieved with rewards in themselves; but none greater than in the experience of their journey toward completion.

I just turned 50 in July, 51/52 would not be a bad deadline!!!!

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  1. WOW can't wait for you to publish and I can get my hands on a copy. I am proud of you daddy2