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My DEEPEST FEAR evaporated!!!!

Silly as it my seem to some, epically all these many long years later that such physiological scars and childhood baggage could linger into ones adulthood; but, be that as it may 2014 holds major mile stone for me. I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and as such DOOM AND GLOOM was always an ever present staple in our home. Comments like these were always hurled about: "Get that room cleaned up, now; in bible times disobedient boys like you would have been stoned to death outside the city gates! ANY Hope of making it through Jehovah's coming Armageddon depends on this!" Not quiet the merciful or Salvational Grace of Jesus and his coming "blissful" rapture, but an angry, Wrathfull ever present JEHOVAH and his all consuming destruction was permanatly burned in my childhood mind.
  I wanted Space1999's moon base Alpha, and Star Trek's hope of the future to be real!!! That's the kind of future every other kid of my day yearned for. However the looming Doom of Jehovah was the future I felt was always just around the corner! There was no need to worry about finishing High School, must less even caring about going to college!!!!!! And making friends outside of Jehovah's earthly Organization was considered certainty of NOT surviving The Coming Day of God's wrath! 

  But I did, marry outside the faith, make friends with an Atheist, Pentecostal, Baptist andPresbyterian. I left and developed a life beyond the shallow, dark mindlessness of that Cult! YET, yet it's deeply rooted tunicles were planted deep in my DNA, and as bazaar as it may sound to some, with the arrival of 2014 I feel a laughter, and silly blissful hope welling up that I have once and all been truly able to embrace...."joy".

  The most ancient of Jehovah's Witness doctrine was their most sacred belief that Jesus Christ invisibly returned and ruled an earthly religious Organization via the magazine called THE WATCHTOWER. Christ return in 1914!!!! The Generation that saw his return would see Armageddon's DOOM & GLOOM visited upon all the earth. Yet with all their ever changing new-light revelational doctrines, even this most sacred of cows has only been scraped even before the calendar changed to... Wait for it, you guess it: 2014!!!! More Jehovah's Witnesses have been leaving more than even before. In this I feel a great joy that only an ex-JW could really appreciate.  For me personally the LAST VESTIGES of that fear have now at long long last finally "evaporated"!!!!!
  TRUE Joy is found in the arms of mercy and Undesevered Kindness [GRACE]; and never in the hopeful thinking of "Spiritual Fire Insurance" dangled as a carrot to produce a profit for some corrupt Human Book selling Corporation!!!!! Alas let Jesus be praised!!! 


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