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The Tower Rising

The Tower Raised

 Three hundred and fifty-two years before the great departure of elvendom from the shores of Eriduah the city of Mithar bustled with life as did her sister Lindon in the north. A great harbor of wondrous ships of commerce sailed through those twin-peaked cliffs into that in-land bay.
  It was Kabal Navir who desired and constructed the great light house tower before which the sailing Captains who later praise as the grandest in all the world. For eight years the city wondered if its heights would ever find completion and its aim ever reached.  For Kabal and his fourteen sons along side many others gave their total energies to it being raised. 
  Nelbal his brother did cast a great bell of iron the breadth of three across that once hung its voice was heard even by the dwarves of Mount Ipstha itself!    Both tower and bell won great affection throughout the seas as its light saved many storm warn lives.

   Yet it was for envey's sake than Handren and Formoth both came against Kabal in strife.  For Kabal had gone against their wishes to make several smaller ones along the guarding walls instead.  They had ideas but no detailed plans, no supplies or labored force which to lend aid, nor backs of their own nor hands to soil. For they wished and argued against Varendur's rising as it was not their venture nor praise heard upon its completion.
   In spite they came against the master builder and slew him with grave malice and fore thought.  Handren cut off Kabal's hands and Formoth did hang him upon a tree until he died and bled out before all.
   They in turn were scorned by the people for their vile deeds and thrown before the city lords that the act be punished.  Handren and Formoth were bound in heavy chains and so interned in the very tower they despised as its first prisoners. For seventy-six years they languished there and both died the same day moments apart.

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