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Breathing because...

I actually got to ask her the story behind this song in person and she told me that she wrote this song for one of her close friends. Her friend had a baby, it had some sort of heart disease I believe, and all the doctors had told her to just get an abortion because it would just be easier on her than delivering a still born and/or a baby that will die in a matter of days, maybe even hours. But she gave birth anyway, and she got 28 full days with her baby until it died. Plumb got to be in the room while the baby died, and her friend was just holding it in her arms close to her chest as it was dying, and she was just saying "thank you, thank you." over and over again. Plumb asked her why she was saying thank you and she replied. "everyone was telling
me to just get an abortion because it wouldn't live anyway and it would be easier on me, but I got 28 full days with my child." Then she made this song. 

Songs doesn't have a specific meaning! The meaning every time is what YOU think and not what the writer was thinking.

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