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Figuring it out along the way

 I found a way to physically publish a hard-copy version of my brother-in-law's book. I already did so as a digital version for the Kindle.  It was not as difficult as I thought. I think this is extremely remarkable how easy it really is to publish. It gives me 'a good trial run' for my own work and 'fulfills my promise' I once made to Mike's ghost in doing this for him. With making "self" publishing so easy these day and digital a growing medium the individual quickly discerns the need for marketing and promotional push behind the industry we are leaving behind.

   My first novel will actually be an anthology of briefer scribbles entitled THE COMPLEX.  A series of short stories where the individuals who reside in a strange apartment complex are interwoven into one another's lives as background characters. True to life we are all characters in one another's lives. Though our own boring, mundane lives are interestingly shared; yet, they sound rather fascinating and strange to others, is the real idea I was heading for with these tales.

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