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The Oath

   When his son turned seven years old, Nadan told Kyon, “Son, people will kill me one day.”
   The boy looked at him and said, “No father do not say that.”
   Nadan continued, “I tell you this so that when it happens you will understand and not be caught off guard.  But they will and I wanted you to know that no matter what happens, I love you and am very proud of you my son.”
   His son assured him, “I know.  Gratitude father; but, why would someone want to kill you?”
   Smiling, Nadan answered as best he could, “Some people are afraid.  They only react from fear and not understanding.  They fear change.  Instead of love, compassion and understanding some reach out to hurt others they are afraid of getting to know.  The more you grow up the more changes are asked of you.  When you love others there is less of you and more of them.”
   “I will father, and they shall be humbled to tears and made to realize they were wrong.” Kyon answered.

   Exactly a year later to the very day Nadan was killed at the Oasis of Orid.  As Kyon lay beside his father’s body, he remembered his words.  Kyon stopped his crying and stood up.  Facing the priest, with his father’s blood still dripping from his unsheathed sword, he said “I am Kyon the son of Nadan, and I forgive you.  I am sad to see that you have not grown up, and everything you think you know about God; are not the lessons he wanted you to learn.  You may leave now that I may bury my father for your deed is done, and there is no one left for you to kill.”

   The priest and the four Tower guards were astounded by the boy’s reaction.  They left in silence.  Moments later the crowd that had gathered about and watched everything departed as well.   Afterwards, Kyon said, “Gratitude, Corlan but I shall do this task alone.”  With that he dug a deep hole in the desert sand and buried his father by himself as Corlan, his father’s man servant looked on and cried for his loss.  For he knew Kyon would never cry again; and for an entire year nor did he speak a word. 


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