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Bed Bugs!!!

BED BUGS are disgusting, and embarrassing to mention; but you know what, the heck with it.  The human experience seems frustrating irritating when it come to "re-inventing the wheel". What I mean by that is, by the time we figure something out on our own in secret, on in a whisper side story everyone else went through it in private pain.

   A while back I visited my sister in Abilene, and we stayed at a hotel there.  Not great, not horrible; okay and a little older establishment - run of the mill accommodations.  Did not notice it at the time but after a while the irritation got worse and worse and then one day I saw a "flat tick" and all the time I thought the dogs "might have flees" come to find out we had Bed Bugs!
 *sigh* I pray no one goes through this; if you have please share an experience of how to get rid of them and your situation of enduring.


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