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001 Enosh and the STANDING STONES

001 Enosh and the STANDING STONES
   Every year crowds would come from far and wide to observe the bleeding of the Standing Stones of Orid.  In the deserts that were ever growing east of the twin cities of Lindol and Mithar were the wasted lands.  In the {37th} year, after the last stone was placed, the world changed and a new era began to turn hearts to fear. 
   Enosh, the white robed prophet came to the Standing Stones just as the great gathering of crowds began offering their tradition of flowers, beaded necklaces and statued images of the long-dead prophets; whom the stones were the markers thereof.  Merchants came selling these as goods.  With every passing year the event had become more festive than a memorial occasion.
   Suddenly with a shouting voice, that rang out over all the crowds the people became bewildered as to who it was who dared to shout so, “Foolish Generation of Woe!”  The voice called out, but only those near the speaker knew the one; yet those at large could not see him as he continued, “Fools of dreaded forgetfulness!
   “In all of your buying and selling and false piety have you lost sight of the meaning of such things before you?”  The people looked about and could not see but only heard the shouting voice.
   In all the many long years that the crowds had so begun to gather, no one had ever dared to disrespect the tradition in such a manner.  No one said such things and none had ever dared to step over the circle of mounting offerings into the pooling of blood that gathered about the Standing Stones.
   On this day; however, the White robed Prophet claimed the admonishing words as he stepped over the ring of flowers and idols into the pool of blood.  “Behold!”  He continued as everyone now saw the speaker for themselves, hushed and fell to their knees in silence, “Fools who heed no warning!”
   No one had ever walked amid the stones as they bleed before and the sight of the Prophet doing so struck fear into everyone’s heart.  “You have forgotten the words and deeds of those who were slain here, and the very manner of their brutal slumber.  They were all killed for standing up and doing what was right in the sight of God!  They believed something contrary to the lying kings and corrupt priest that control your easily-led-astray hearts.  Behold, you have turned tragedy into a child’s bed time story and mocked the loss of good men!
   “You are all fools.  This is the generation to see the end of the fourth age of man.  When your children shall witness first hand their grandchildren’s lives snuffed out and washed asunder without mournful care!  It is too late, for only Nadan’s eight crows shall be saved!”
   The people began scoffing, murmuring and standing up hurling ridicule at the old man who dared to be so bold in his word and deed.  The Tower guards began to approach, but even they were reluctant to cross over the ring of flowers to lay hands upon the White Prophet.
   Suddenly a rolling thunder cloud began covering the heavens over head as the old man called out, “You did not heed those prophets of old when they walked among you, and now neither shall you heed my words.  Their stones you have rendered useless, even though they bled to get your attention to turn away from your evil practices.  YOU NO LONGER NEED THEM! BE GONE!”
   At his thunderous voice the four great standing stones began crumble away before all the horrified people.  They fell apart like dry bread crumbs from the table before dogs.  The old man raised his arms before the blackening skies and his countenance began to shine, like the light from a furnace in the night.  Instead of the ground, the old man’s white garment began soaking up the blood where he stood.  Moments later the entire pool was no more for the man’s robe were now as crimson red as was his flesh, hair and beard.  The White Prophet had now fulfilled the words of old and turned to red before all the people; who numbered more than nine hundred that day.  As they began to go to their knees, many among them ran in fear.  Enosh radiated as a lone candle flame in the night then in a burst of light – he, was no more, for the Lord took him.  The Standing Stones were gone and the ring of flowers lapped up as if consumed by fire.  Three hundred who stood about that ring were found dead and chard.

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