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    These are the words of Enosh the fifth Prophet of Orid who said, “I tell you now as surely as I am standing here, the people beyond the Misty Mountains of the east, and those ancient fathers of Harad; they held the same faces of disbelief as you now. It is not up to me if you believe me or not, for in truth – I do not care!  I am but a messenger.  Love and not fear is what Illuva desires, that none should perish.  I have done as I was instructed and no less. 
   “Today is the day you accept filth into your lives no more.  In three days you will hear that the king of Mithar is fallen, the city destroyed and the Judges restored; then shall you who need a sign know ‘thus says the Lord of Host.’
   “Listen well, for I now tell you a secret Illuva did not forbade me share. Take hope for even after you see these things the end of days has not been accomplished yet. This witnessing generation shall end before gloom washes you away. I speak to those with ears to listen to Nadan’s crows, for they are in flight even now!
   “In three days you will see me no more, but lifted up as red as the sunset then made blinding white before all man – and gone!”

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