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BEEN - Still, coughingly sick. . .

I have these coughing fits lately that rasp of deep seeded conjestion; been getting over being sick for eight days now. Sever left ear infection; that's thrown off my equalibrium, and had nearly lost my voice from bouts of coughing. Phlym, yuk, and blahs - all of which I am more than tired and ehausted from. NighQuill, pills, bottles, remidies; this thing's just having to run it's course - and it anit over yet.

I feel... well, just - bad.

Don't fell like doing much. Nothing seems to be interesting; other than getting rid of the head conjestion so I can breath. Yeah, nothing seems to matter when ya can't breath. Tried all last Saturday, during my 16 hours at work, to get off and be sent home; only to be given one frustrating excuse after another about the "coverage" shortage. So I called in on Sunday. Went to work on Tuesday afternoon; got sent home for being sick. Yesterday (still sick mind you) I got "writen up" at work for not having a Dr.'s excuse for last weekend! Great! Not only do I feel like the bottom of a tired shose but get reemed out for missing time at work; I have 237 hours of sick leave but can't take it - go figure? F- State!

grrrr sigh.... I feel - bad.

maybe i'll erase this crappy post later...


  1. I've got a rubber elephant full of saltwater you can stick up your nose if you like...

    I hope you get to feeling better soon, Bro.

  2. LOL; thanks - I'm suddenly feeling remarkably better.