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Full Circle

She's all grown up. This coming Saturday my twenty three year old baby girl will be getting married.
Weirdly amazing, somehow.

It really does seem very difficult to imagine; only - wow, not too long along, I was getting married to my pregnant girlfriend, two months later I was holding our baby in my arms.

And now-

Now, I'm a grandfather holding my baby's baby; getting ready for a wedding...

I have never really had any ill feelings toward Elizabeth; I think its just that we're "too much alike," and how I imbued her with a certain brashness to be accepted-most of all to herself. Too hard? I have always been afraid. Afraid of the resopncibility, of being a "Dad",(Wow, the pedestal image of my own). But now looking back on it all I guess I did- I guess WE did alright.
Yeah. Elizabeth is pertty special. Atractive, smart, witty. I'm very proud of our daughter; the wheel truns us along toward another chapter in the story of our lives.

I remember when, it was now...


  1. Hey buddy, I must have blogged about something that you liked, or be like minded seeing as how you decided to add me as a link. Funny thing is this after you added the comment to my blog I decided to check your site out cause your name was familiar. Only to be again, greated with that inviting music. I was like yes I remember this guy. But I stumbled onto something, that I guess would give us both an essence of understanding each other. I too was raised as a JW, it has, I guess put me in this universal mind set of questioning everything, don't ask how? I guess my mind just rejected the program. So now I don't know what, or if to believe anything in particular on a spiritual level, but I tell you this much im a truth seeker, I demand it out of life and am addicted to it now. Almost feel like writing a book one day called Truth & Hope, but would never do it, my mom is an active studying JW and she likes it, as much as we argue, I don't think I would want her to loose her faith or be stumbled in her faith by any of my actions. Oh also had a question for you I have been doing research into many, many different things nowadays, you seem like a person with some experience under his belt as far as reseach into the mystical goes. Do you know anything about the "flower of life" I crossed over some information that makes me question if there is some type of secret about this symbol? P.S. nice to hear the great news about your life, stay well.

  2. Congrats, Grandpa!
    I'll be linking to you too!

  3. I remember the day you told me that Alice was pregnant as if it were yesterday. I remember the look in your eyes as you expressed your fear and your joy, as you wondered aloud if you were up to the challenge.

    As the years passed I watched as you never faltered in your devotion to your wife and daughter. I watched as you sacrificed, struggled and did whatever was necessary to provide for your family. I've always admired you for that. In so many ways you, like my own dad, have been an example to me of what a man and father should be. I always hoped that if I should ever become a dad I would show the strength and resolve that are such a part of your character.

    You say that you and Elizabeth are alike. If you have instilled within her a part of yourself, then you should have no worries for the future of your growing family. She will always choose the right, always do the good and always put the needs of her children above her own, for that is the example you have set.

    Congratulations. I am happy for you and proud of you. I have been, and always shall be, your friend.