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Married and Moving on...

My daughter, Elizabeth got married this past Saturday, March 25, (pictures forthcoming). We held the small humble ceremony in our townhome. Comeing down the stairs, hand-in-hand with her made me feel so proud. When the minister asked, "Who gives the woman away?" I almost froze - Woman? Has she really become a woman? Like, when did this happen? I mean, just yesterday she was my baby - "Her mother and I do." Then as I gave her hand to my, her, - James, I said, "No take backs!" Everyone laughed at my nervous humor, but I didn't want to give "my baby" away. But she's a Woman now; The Wheel has turned and it's now my role to play Grandfather, the father-in-law, and grow grey gracefully. Wow... where has all the time gone?

I love Elizabeth so very much, and it tearfully makes me proud at how much she truely does love James; she's matured SO much with the birth of Savannah. And now, now they've moved away. Oh, still in the same area; from three miles, to nine miles away. But - the cord is so difficut to let go and her love in her own way. The "empty nest" never had such a punch with meaning as it does now. I thought it was my wife, Alice who be the emotional one - but I guess it's not really hit either one of us yet that the Wheel of Time really does cause one to view the world differently with age. Not that forty-three is ancient mind you; just, never saw myself at forty-three wondering how if came so fast...

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  1. Congrats!
    I'm not going to say anything about the 9 miles or the empty nest syndrome