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Feeling cold

The leaves are falling and the sky greying
the days are shortening and the winds brisk
my bones are chilling with the cold
and another year turns its face into the past
as we all grow another one older...

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  1. Thanks you for your comment. I read your bio, very interesting. I was brought up to distrust organised religion, and have come to the same conclusion myself, despite many friends of various faiths. I agree with what you say about critical thinking; if there is a God then surely he would want us to think for ourselves?! Take responsibility for our actions, our success and failures, like you said? The tragedy is, I think that religeon could play such an important role in our world, if people didn't pick up on the worse aspects of it (sectarianism, 'sin', behaving like sheep). But that's just my opinion, I know you didn't ask for it (!)