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Happy Thanksgiving- 06

I've always thought of my self as a conservitive tradtionalist, but over the last several years I guess I've begun to realize otherwise. Not only am I neither conservitive nor a tradtionalist- though I do have leanings that way; I'm just me - trying to make my own mark in the world (like everyone else, no different, no better).

America, and The States more specificly, continues to undergo changes. Thanksgiving, nationally founded by our ultralconservitive forefathers, has continually retained the idea of "just being thankful for our most basic of needs"; helath, home, and friends. We're going to observe Thanksgiving today - one day early; because it's my regualr day off from work today, We're having the traditonal turkey with trimmings. But rather than being gathered about a Norman Rockwell painting, (we don't have a dinning room table) we'll balance our meal on our laps. Not watching Parades, but Lord of the Rings, most of the extended family has yet to be wowed by the Jackson version of Tolkien story - filled with hope riding on the edge of doom and gloom special effects. Afterwhich we'll play non-traditional board games like King's Corner, and What If ?

HOWEVER you set aside time with your loved ones to be Grateful this year, may you all be blessed and comforted with only the hope, peace and love that family and friends can bring. When a stranger crosses your path remember these as a gift to bestow.

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