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I've started another Blog at: VOX. It was extremely easy to set up, and in many ways much better than Blogger; however I don't like NOT being able to leave a comment, without first having to have an account. Blogger you can leave a comment, and not have an account; like our D&D players on my sites.

Oh! How I have grown lazy. Funny how when I'm at work there's so many things I think about needing to get done, started, or just completed - then when I'm off, like the last three days; seems nothing has gotten done. NOTE to self - Clean up your desk; thanks.

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  1. I'm glad you like VOX. It is addictive, isn't it? Now I've got 3 to keep up with, plus a damn MySpace page and an abandoned Orkut account. Please have my tombstone inscribed, "He Was Blogged To Death."